Population: 25,466,459 (July 2020)
23,470,145 (2018)
Capital: Canberra
Internet country code: .au

Official website:
Official Tourism Agency:

Etymology: the name Australia derives from the Latin “australis” meaning “southern”; the Australian landmass was long referred to as “Terra Australis” or the Southern Land

Helen Clark and Jacinda Ardern in Conversation about Gender Equality

Dec 21, 2020 – A conversation between Jacinda Ardern and Helen Clark about gender equality, recorded by UN Women National Committee Aotearoa New Zealand.

How a catastrophic global pandemic has given Australia a new lens on New Zealand

By Laura Tingle

What Australia Can Learn From New Zealand
It has taken a dynamic, young female Prime Minister in Wellington to pique Australia’s recent interest in New Zealand. (AAP: David Rowland)

Nov 28, 2020 – Much of the recent looking has been driven by a fascination with Ardern, particularly admiration for her empathetic leadership in the wake of the Christchurch massacre, the White Island volcano eruption and the pandemic.

Australia’s trade clash with China is a lesson in what Beijing’s power really means

Nov 21, 2020 – The view from Beijing is that we are a white Western country, clinging to a world of Western dominance that China does not believe in.