Flag of Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Republic of Costa Rica
República de Costa Rica

5,151,140 (July 2021 est.)
4,987,142 (2018)
4,930,258 (2017)
Capital: San José
Internet country code: .cr

Official website Presidencia de la República de Costa Rica: presidencia.go.cr
Ministerio de Economía Industria y Comercio: meic.go.cr
Costa Rica Tourism Board: ict.go.cr
Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Censos (INEC): inec.go.cr

The global rate of teenage pregnancy is estimated at 46 births per 1,000 girls, while adolescent pregnancy rates in Latin America and the Caribbean continue to be the second highest in the world, estimated at 66.5 births per 1,000 girls aged 15 and 19 years, and are second only to those in sub-Saharan Africa, says the report “Accelerate progress towards reducing adolescent pregnancy in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

The report proposes a series of recommendations to reduce adolescent pregnancy, ranging from supporting multisectoral prevention programs aimed at groups in a situation of greater vulnerability, to greater access to contraceptive methods and sexual education, among others.