Women’s Right to Vote in Italy
Feb 1, (1945)

Number of female heads of state to date: 0

The issue concerning women’s right to vote was brought to light by the early associations of the feminist movements right after the constitution of the unified Italian State. This pathway, after changing fortunes, ceased with the uprising of fascism. Women’s suffrage in Italy was finally introduced on the 1st of February 1945 because of a due right and was achieved by women participating in the struggle for liberation from fascism. On the 2nd of June 1946, the Italian women voted for the first time for the Institutional referendum (the choice between monarchy and republic) and for the constituent Assembly. 21 women were elected and took part in the drafting of the Italian Constitution. The women elected sustained the all-levels equality principle, obtaining important results mainly in regards to labour, wage, and protection of maternity.
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