A Study on Prostitution: Its Causes and Complications

In Pakistan, prostitution finds its roots particularly in inherited red light districts i.e. those in Lahore, Multan, Karachi, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi.

It is estimated that approximately 26,000 women are selling sex each day in Lahore alone (World Bank, 2006). The prevalence of prostitution can be determined by the number of major hubs located in the big cities of Pakistan: 219,000 in Karachi, and 107,000 hubs in Multan and Sukkur each (Blanchard, Khan & Bokhari, 2008).

Additionally, Karachi is further distinguished for its thousands of Bangladeshi and Burmese prostitutes (Naqvi, 2005). Since this work is illegitimate in Pakistan, it is difficult to approximate true numbers—however, the aforementioned statistics propose that a huge population is availing these services. On the contrary, in some cultures, prostitution is not considered a disgrace but rather a legitimized practice.