Slovak Republic

5,445,040 (July 2018 est.)
5,445,829 (July 2017 est.)
Capital: Bratislava
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Flag of Slovakia

Flag of Slovakia

From Istanbul to a Clash of Civilisations: A Story of a Hijacked Convention in Slovakia

Jan 4, 2019
A description of all the activities organised by the anti-gender movement would need at least an entire book; starting with a declaration against gender-sensitive education signed by 300 conservative psychologists and teachers followed by an open letter from a hundred organisations sent to the Minister of Justice to lobby against the ratification of the Istanbul Convention… and that was just the beginning. About 50,000 people attended in 2013 a ‘March for Life’ in Kosice to protest against abortion, same-sex marriage and ‘gender ideology’. On the first Advent Sunday, the Conference of Bishops issued a letter against a so-called ‘culture of death’ with an unusually critical language, i.e.: “The culprits of the death culture come with a new ‘gender ideology’… Activists of ‘gender equality’ are not giving up but are waiting for a suitable opportunity to (…) inject this pernicious ideology into school education. The culture of death threatens the nation’s existence.”