Women’s and Feminist Studies

Nordic Model / Equality Model
prostitution policy

Nordic Model implements
. criminalization of the purchase of sex acts, of sex buyers and procurers
. decriminalization & support of persons involved in prostitution
. public awareness and prevention

Nordic Model Countries
Countries, which have adopted Nordic Model prostitution policy

Sweden (1999)
Norway (2009)
Iceland (2009)
Canada (2014)
Northern Ireland, UK (2015)
France (2016)
Ireland (2017)
Israel (2020)

In 1999, Sweden was the first country in the world to adopt legislation prohibiting the purchase of sexual acts, in order to combat sexual exploitation and the commodification of bodies.

The Swedish Institute

Prostitution Policy in Sweden – targeting demand (2019)

The booklet “Prostitution Policy in Sweden – targeting demand” offers the history behind, and the results of, Sweden’s approach to combat prostitution and human trafficking.

Twenty years ago Sweden became the first country in the world to prohibit the purchase of sexual services. Since then, several other countries have observed the positive effects of Sexual Purchase Act and introduced similar legal frameworks. Many other countries are showing an interest.
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Prostitution Policy in Sweden – targeting demand
Nordic Model Prostitution Policy Sweden Europe Statistics


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Fondation Scelles

5th Global Report
New Challenges, New Answers

For more than 25 years, the Fondation Scelles, a recognized public benefit foundation based in Paris, and with a consultative status with ECOSOC, has been fighting against sexual exploitation and the system of prostitution.
This commitment includes prevention and abroad, monitoring and analysis of phenomena related to International Observatory on Sexual Exploitation, as well as legal and judicial activities.
The Fondation Scelles is a co-founding member of the (CAP International), which was launch NGOs from 22 countries.
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