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Norman Rockwell’s Golden Rule

Norman Rockwell’s Golden Rule
Norman Rockwell’s desire to reach out to a global community and emphasize the commonality of mankind found its forum on the cover ofThe Saturday Evening Post with his masterful work, Golden Rule, in 1961. This painting later served as the inspiration for the stunning glass mosaic that was presented to the United Nations in 1985 as a 40th anniversary gift on behalf of the United states by then First Lady Nancy Reagan, made possible by the Thanks-Giving Square Foundation.

Dag Hammarskjöld and spirituality at the United Nations

The UN is a place of contrast between selfishness and sharing, and represents the major battle line for the future of humanity’s soul and collective wellbeing. It is the locus for the emergence of higher values concerning humanity as a whole, and the rebirth of the race as a Planetary Entity, writes Donald Key.

Written in the early 1970s, when Mr. Keys was a speechwriter for Secretary-General U Thant and Founder/President of Planetary Citizens. Printed and distributed by the Aquarian Age Community with the kind permission of Mr. Keys.

It is a challenge to discuss Spirituality at the United Nations. It is a challenge because most people will think that the UN is the antithesis of spirituality. I must report, however, that I regard the United Nations as the most spiritual place in the world today. The UN is the first planetary focus at the human level. It is the first place that the nerve endings of all humanity join. It is the first place where all the qualities, characteristics, attributes, and essences of all human groups merge and blend. It is truly, the first temple of humanity.

Of all the contention, of all the disputes, of all the struggles, I am fully aware-much more so than bystanders, since I am in the middle of them on a nearly daily basis. That is, of course, one level of reality-but it is not the most important one. We are on the verge of the meta-organization of the world-by that I mean the reorganization of the world on a level higher than that of the participating nation-states. We have been stumbling toward this development for half a century, and of course it is only commencing-it is not complete. We have also been moving toward it since the first day a human was born on earth, or perhaps since the earth itself was formed, 4 billion years ago.

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