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PeaceFem app – a mobile phone app that illustrates women’s inclusion in peace processes around the world. politicalsettlements.org/peacefem/

Webinar “Making Inclusive Peace a Reality: Virtual Launch of the PeaceFem mobile app”, 30 June 2020

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United Nations System Staff College

The Torino Forum for Sustaining Peace is going virtual

Originally envisaged as a high-level event at the UN campus in Turin, Italy, the 2020 Torino Forum is leveraging innovation and technology to bring the Women, Peace and Security community together with the Youth, Peace and Security community for a series of virtual discussions and exchanges. The event will explore the status of the agendas of these respective communities in an open exchange with the wider peacebuilding community.

The overall theme of the 2020 Virtual Torino Forum for Sustaining Peace is “Women and Youth at the Frontlines” – which will guide and set the stage for all sessions throughout the week.

Thanks to a generous contribution from the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, there are no fees for the Torino Forum.
> unssc.org/courses/virtual-torino-forum-sustaining-peace-women-and-youth-frontlines/

Covid-19 ceasefire tracker

This Covid-19 ceasefire tracker, tracks ceasefires during the period of the pandemic. It contains information about ceasefires, their extensions or terminations, and closely related events (such as other key groups accepting or rejecting the ceasefire).
> Covid-19 ceasefire tracker