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PeaceFem app

PeaceFem is a mobile phone app that illustrates women’s inclusion in peace processes around the world. PeaceFem provides information about strategies women’s rights advocates have used to influence peace agreements, information about the enabling and constraining factors that shaped the space for influence, and the gender provisions in the peace agreements that resulted and information as to how well they were implemented.

PeaceFem is a collaboration between UN Women, InclusivePeace, the Monash University Gender, Peace and Security Centre, and the Political Settlements Research Programme at the University of Edinburgh.

VIDEO: Webinar “Making Inclusive Peace a Reality: Virtual Launch of the PeaceFem mobile app”, 30 June 2020

Covid-19 ceasefire tracker

This Covid-19 ceasefire tracker, tracks ceasefires during the period of the pandemic. It contains information about ceasefires, their extensions or terminations, and closely related events (such as other key groups accepting or rejecting the ceasefire).
> Covid-19 ceasefire tracker