Sudan – Universal Basic Income

Sudan - Universal Basic Income

Sudan’s basic income scheme, known as Thamarat (fruits) or the Sudan Family Support Program (SFSP), aims to ease economic pain

Apr 29, 2021 – Sudan tries to emerge from decades of isolation and conflict. Inflation has risen to more than 340% and there are shortages of everything from power to medicines. To ease the pain of reforms the government is introducing a donor-funded scheme that aims to provide a temporary $5 basic monthly income to 80% of its population of 43 million.

The roll-out, which began in February, is a test for the transitional civilian-military partnership that is due to govern Sudan until 2023. Many Sudanese complain they have not seen the benefits of an uprising, triggered by the deteriorating economy, that overthrew former President Omar al-Bashir two years ago.

Sudan Family Support Program


The Sudan Family Support Program is not only about providing financial support to 80% of the Sudanese people, but also about establishing a nation-wide safety net system capable of providing social protection to anyone in need.