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Majority of young Americans support universal basic income, public healthcare: poll

Mar 30, 2020 – A majority of younger Americans support both a universal basic income established by the federal government and some sort of public healthcare option, according to a new survey.
The poll from University of Chicago’s GenForward Survey Project indicates that 51 percent of Americans between the ages of 18-36 support a federally-funded basic income of $1,000 per month for all U.S residents, a plan touted by businessman Andrew Yang during his 2020 Democratic presidential campaign.
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Fifty Years Later, Reflecting on the Defeat of Nixon’s Family Assistance Plan

By Almaz Zelleke, Associate Professor of Practice in Political Science, NYU Shanghai
Fifty years ago, on August 8th, 1969, President Nixon proposed a new anti-poverty plan in an address to the nation. The Family Assistance Plan (FAP) would provide families with an annual guaranteed minimum income (GMI) of $500 for each adult and $300 for each child. Unlike “welfare” the GMI would go to all, ending the distinction between the working and non-working poor that had bedevilled previous attempts to alleviate poverty.
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