Trafficking in Human Beings (THB)

Romania’s sex trafficking trade: ‘There is no other life they know’

Nov 17, 2020 – Romania is the source of an estimated 10 to 13,000 victims of trafficking in Britain according to group Justice and Care – but that figure is supposed to be much, much higher according to the Centre for Social Justice.
Romania has 19 million citizens, yet six million of them live outside the country, and 8.5 million of them are at risk of poverty, according to the National Statistics Institute.
It’s no wonder the desire for a better life is so acutely felt by Romanians, and how their desperation can lead people into the mercenary arms of a trafficker.
In September, ITV News uncovered a series of brothels in the Mayfair area of London, in which the majority of women working there, against their will, were Romanians.
It prompted a series of questions, why do so many victims come from this country?
Why isn’t more being done to protect them there and what can be done from the UK-side to stem the tide?

Romania dismantles third Human Trafficking ring in four days

Jul 3, 2020 – Romania, together with Ireland, is the only EU country put in the so-called Tier 2-Watch List of the US Government’s 2020 Trafficking in Persons Report. The other EU countries were classified as Tier 1 or as simply Tier 2.

The cost of Western Europe’s rampant prostitution: the genocide of Romanian women

Mar 2, 2020 – Even though the total population of Romania is only about 19 million, there are thousands of Romanian women and children forced into street prostitution in Italy alone – and that’s not counting those in strip clubs, brothels and ‘escort’ prostitution. It’s estimated that there are similar numbers in Spain, the UK, Germany, and Holland – and that’s not considering those in the Arab world and on other continents.
Romania has haemorrhaged more than a million children (girls and boys) and women into the prostitution trade in these countries.