UN OCHA Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX)

HDX 1.0: Find, share and use humanitarian data all in one place

We are excited to announce that the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) is coming out of beta. We first introduced HDX at the Open Knowledge Festival in Berlin in July 2014. Two years, 4,000 datasets, and 180,000 users later, we think it is fitting to announce this new milestone at the World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul.

HDX combines multiple datasets to explore a crisis

Until today, every dataset on HDX has stood alone. Our users could visually preview a dataset and explore interactive visualizations based on a dataset. But in each case, it was a single dataset, a view of one dimension of a humanitarian crisis. However, humanitarian crises contain many dimensions, and the Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX) team, as well as our users, have always recognized the need to combine datasets into a broader view of a crisis to support both advocacy and operational decision making.


HDX Humanitarian Data Exchange