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UNSCR 1325
Women, Peace and Security Agenda
National Action Plans

A National Action Plan (NAP) is a document that details the actions/initiatives that a government will undertake within a given timeframe to meet the obligations in UNSCR 1325.

NAPs could fall under international or domestic policy; where it falls will depend on which ministries are leading and involved in the NAP process. Countries with peacekeeping forces are more likely to set international objectives with limited domestic focus to the diplomatic core and armed forces. Countries that have experienced conflict within their borders are more likely to focus on domestic concerns.


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Inclusive Security

Creating National Action Plans: A Guide to Implementing Resolution 1325

This guide is for policymakers, government officials, and civil society leaders as they develop, implement, and track progress on national action plans (NAPs) and other strategies for advancing women’s inclusion in peace and security.

It explains how to ensure effective design, improve coordination, and include civil society as critical steps to make UN Security Council Resolution 1325 a reality. The guide provides tools for the monitoring and evaluation of NAPs, so these policies achieve high impact—providing more stable and secure futures for ordinary people.
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