Women’s Right to Vote in Greece
May 28, 1952

Number of female heads of state to date: 1

On 28 May 1952, 61 years ago, Greek women obtained the right to vote and stand as candidates in legislative and municipal elections.

For decades and after many struggles, women managed to obtain the right to vote in elections long after many European countries.

“Greeks are equal before the law,” as defined in the first Constitution of Greece, in article 3, in 1844, without referring to women, who did not obtain their political rights despite their great contribution to the struggle for independence from the Ottoman yoke.

Until the mid 20’s, it was granted that only men had the right to vote. One can see the dominant conception in the excerpt of the newspaper Nea Imera (New Day) on 20 March,1928: “Every woman is in an imbalanced and furious spiritual condition certain days per month… New and accurate surveys show that not only certain days, but during the whole month, all females are in spiritual and emotional imbalance…”
“Consequently, women voting is a dangerous thing and so repulsive.”

The slogan “Vote to Woman” was heard in Greece for the first time in 1887, by the newspaper Efimerida ton Kyrion (Ladies Newspaper), published by Kallirrhoe Siganou-Parren. The newspaper’s writers were exclusively women defending their rights.

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