Women’s Right to Vote in Malta
September 5, (1947)

Number of female heads of state to date: 3

LEAD is a new initiative launched by the Labour Party to increase female participation in Maltese Parliament

LEAD is being led by MEP Miriam Dalli, after the project was entrusted to her by Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party Joseph Muscat. On launching the project, Joseph Muscat said it does not sit right that half of the Maltese population is not fairly represented in terms of gender, commenting that the representation of women is so low that if one compared the situation to districts it was similar to having no representatives from the South of Malta, or the North of Malta.

This project aims to increase Labour’s female candidates to 50% by the 2027 General Election, it will be the party’s next step in the journey towards feminizing Maltese politics.

To give context to the urgency of the matter, not only on a national level but on a global level, there are only 11 women heads of Government (5.7%) and 11 women heads of state (7.2%) in the world.

Facts and figures

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